Is It Worth It?

Blog, shmog! I am starting to be getting very frustrated with this blog....after logging out and trying to return, all I am finding are error messages that never end, even after the 30 seconds it says I need to wait. UGH!!!! I can't even look at my friends' blogs - talk about frustrating!!

It Might Not Be Much More Than a Year

James has been down in Boise for a couple days before heading to Georgia tomorrow. We thought that he would have to be in Georgia for a few months before heading to Afghanistan, but he found out a few days ago that he will only be in Georgia for a couple weeks. So that is pretty good news, because we are thinking that it will shorten his total deployment length. It has not been my favorite having him gone, but we made the decision together and I still feel good about it. It was even a better goodbye than when he left for basic training - not as many tears and it was a lot easier on me.

Mommy's Girl Now That Daddy's Gone

It's happening....I thought it would take a little longer before it did, but apparently Maiby has other ideas. Today she has decided that screaming is necessary if I put her down or if she is in the swing and I leave the room. It has been driving me crazy all day long, and the worst part is that James is gone already, so I don't have any relief at home. So I have come over to Mom's house for the afternoon because there are now three other sets of hands to help out.