Food and Sit-ups

Tonight I made a dinner that I have been thinking about having for a while. Have you ever had the Applebee's dish Southwestern Wrap or something like that? It's delicious. One of my favorites. So I made up a recipe and we ate them for dinner. Have you ever made tortillas?? Neither had I, until tonight!! And they were GREAT. Although, they did turn out a bit small. If you are interested in trying it, here is a recipe. It's not the one that I wanted to try, but the internet wasn't working very well and I couldn't get to the one on the Food Storage Network. I will try that recipe another time and decide which one is better.

They were supposed to end up being 8-9" in diameter, but in reality they were more like 5-6". But delicious!! And I added spray to the pan, since we don't have the iron skillet. Try it!

Also, the other day James was doing sit-ups and Maiby wouldn't leave him alone. I was able to get a cute picture of it. Enjoy. She thought it was one of the funnest things ever. (And yes, 'funnest' is a word, and that's how it's spelled...)



Today I made a new bag to carry my things to and around church. For the past several years, I have used a small bag that I bought on clearance from JoAnn's. It worked pretty well, but it's been difficult to keep my scriptures and manual in it, so I have been wanting a slightly larger bag. Well, this bag is a bit more than 'slightly larger'. I used a McCall's pattern and prior to sewing I hadn't realized how big it was. But I really like it, and am excited to use it in a few days!!

And last week, right before I cut my finger, this is what I made: cookie cutter organizers!! I am very pleased with how they worked out. I have a lot of cookie cutters - I have a 101 piece set that came together, as well and many others that have been purchased over the last 9 years. But until I bought the kit this year, it's been easy to keep them in a small container or two. But after opening the 101 pieces, they wouldn't all go back in and close the lid. So I designed some bags and now at least they are cute! I love them. Here's the before picture of the ones that aren't in holiday storage:

And now they are separated according to type:


Missy Needs....

So I saw this on Maaike's blog and liked the idea, so I thought I'd try it. You do a search for "Your name needs" and then post the top 10. I put the need first, and then my comments.

-- Missy needs her medicine. Do I ever!! I am a little forgetful about this - how did they know?!

-- Missy needs another cocktail. That's a tough one, since I don't have a first, could I really have 'another'?

-- Missy needs subqutanious fluids twice daily. But it's just a flesh wound! Can't we just call the tetanus shot good enough??

-- Missy needs a new home. Well, Missy WANTS a new home; I can't really call that a need. It's warm, we have food here, and a good bed. I think I'll stay for a while longer.

-- Missy needs a safe. Oooh, does that mean my big payday is coming?

-- Missy needs to mate by march. HAHAHA!! I don't know if 11 months is enough time...and what do you mean 'mate'? Is another kid included in that need, to prove it?

-- Missy needs a haircut. Look, I know it's been awhile (9 months), but that's just not a priority right now.

-- Missy needs a doctor. Why? What kind of doctor? I have a great one that I see for pretty mich anything physical - is this about my mental state? The cut on my hand was really an accident, not a cry for help. I promise.

-- Missy needs to spend more time planning meals so she's less reliant on fast food. I confess, I LOVE fast food. But I really don't eat it much. And we plan out our meals...occasionally.

-- Missy needs a little bit of time to get used to new things, but then she happily and enthusiastically embraces new friends and new experiences. Well, that sounds about right. Funny how the last one is the most accurate.


Minor Emergency

The culprit:

The hero: Jenny C!

Thanks Jenny, for being willing to help in my short and small crisis today. I cut my finger washing dishes and luckily had the presence of mind to know that I couldn't fix it alone...it is a big cut and will have a scar soon to show off. I rushed to get a towel, picked up Maiby and the first aid kit and went to my neighbor's. She got me taken care of quickly and hopefully I won't need to change the bandages too often.


Toot Toot!

So I have been following a running program. Today was my first day for running 7 minutes at a time, and I DID IT!!! Hooray for me, toot toot on my own horn! It was tough, well the first 7 min run was great and went really fast, the second one was really, really tough, and the third I think truly lasted 10 minutes, and not 7. I don't really know how that could happen, since I used a good timer, but let's say for my sake that it did. I am really excited that it went so well. I was really nervous before I went out, since my last running was 5 minutes with a 2.5 min walk, repeated 4 times, and then it jumped to 7 min run with 3 minute walk repeated 3 times. I am proud of myself and feel great, which is really good, since I am scheduled to do it again 2 more times this week.

On a totally unrelated note, do you realize how good name-brand jam is?! We have been buying the cheap stuff since we got married, and it's not too bad, except for the last 2 bottles we had (we bought at the same time - I'm not that dumb). They were not very good. In fact, I wouldn't eat it if I could help it. But this time we went for Smuckers, which was a good deal ($2 for a bigger jar than we usually pay about $2 for), and it is AMAZING!! I guess it's true what they say....with a name like Smuckers, it has to be good.


Need a Ride?

Yesterday James decided to go for a 'hike'. He put our 72-hour kit on his back and took off in the rain. The pack was covered with a garbage bag so our stuff didn't get wet (not that it would, since everything is bagged up inside). Anyway, about halfway through his hike, a man pulled over his car and offered James a ride to the highway. Being the dedicated work-out-er he is, he declined and continued his hike. When he got home, he had me take a picture of him right away and asked me to post it.


Check out this Beast

Thank you for all your support and letting me vent a bit. More drama with the car - wrong parts and so it won't be done until next week. I called my mom to let her know we won't be coming and also talked to James' dad. He sweetly offered to drive their other car up and trade me so I can drive to CdA, and then said I was welcome to drive the truck up there (but the gas would be around $100 - no thanks). So after I finished my conversations I started thinking about being stuck in the house and what my problem was that prevented me from driving the truck.

Well, I faced my fears, whatever they were, and drove the truck. Maiby and I had a pleasant drive to the mall where we walked around (she is going to sleep well tonight, since I didn't take a stroller and she walked the whole time). And then went to check out the new stuff at JoAnn and Michaels. It was great. And the truck was SO FUN! That is, fun after getting over my initial fear and nervousness - basically the drive home was a lot of fun. It's also nice to know that driving a stick comes back to you even if it has been over a year since you last did it. And in an attempt to hide how pitiful I am, I took a picture of the truck so you can see that it really is big...the tires are taller than my knee, and the sides of the bed are about 2" below my shoulders!

Pardon the Rant

James is out of town for the weekend, and I need to complain a little to someone so that I am not on the verge of tears everytime I think about it. Don't ask me why the tears are - that's just the reality that I can't control. The rest of the reality is this: the car is in the shop. Not a big deal. I had been planning on taking Maiby to my mom's house this week for a few days so we could visit and do a little shopping. BUT the car had to act up and the shop said Wednesday was the soonest they could do anything. To expedite the process, we took the car in on Monday. Also not a big deal, since James' parents graciously lent us their car for as long as we need it. Snag: I have not driven their big truck before and am a little nervous (extended cab with regular bed, step higher than your knee to get in, manual type of big truck). I don't think they would mind me driving it, but I have been able to get by without that since James has been home at night and loves to drive the truck so it hasn't been a big deal.

I talked to my mom and rescheduled the trip until this afternoon/evening. The car was supposed to be done today by 12, but when I called at 1 they haven't had the part come in yet. So it might not be done today at all. I am supposed to call back around 3 to find out what is going on. If it's still not there, I am basically stuck home until at least Monday and will need to find someone to pick James up from the airport on Sunday night when he gets back. So who knows what my fate is. A weekend stuck at home instead of a trip to mom's at the perfect time (it's spring break, so she doesn't have to work her school job and has tomorrow off from her 2nd one). Also, the boys are out of town until late Saturday. I fell rather silly posting this now, because it really isn't too big of deal, but it's purpose has been accomplished - not a tear. Hooray! Also, while typing I kept thinking of my MIL's new dilemma (broken shoulder) and feel pretty good about the whole stranded thing. Ignore the man behind the curtain (or crazy lady cooped up in her home) and enjoy your weekend!


Easter Decor

Thank you to Jenn over at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman for her great Easter decorating ideas with plastic eggs. This is what I came up with. Check out her ideas here.



Today Maiby and I went for a walk. We got out the door and I had my arms full of blankets and toys to put in the stroller to keep her warm, since it was forecasted to snow (and did, btw, for anyone not living here!). She has been practicing stairs by herself. I don't like it and try to get her to only do the last one in the house, but she wanted to try it outside. She made it fine on the first two, but they are extra wide so she has room to catch herself before the next one. I told her to stay there, but realized she wasn't going to and tried to stop her before she turned and went down the neighboring stairs, but couldn't get her in time. I think I might have helped slow her fall a bit, but she hit the ground and she hit it hard. Here is a picture of her head bump - I love that she quit smiling just for that picture; it's fitting to look so serious for the 'injury showoff'. She's okay - I checked her eyes and they were dilating together (no concussion), so I went ahead and let her take a nap this afternoon. Hopefully she sleeps well tonight.
I was also April Fool'd by Maiby today. James has a big test tonight, but was able to come home for about an hour this afternoon. He got Maiby up from her nap and changed a poopy diaper (hooray for me!). Then she came downstairs and had a snack and when she was almost done, she started really straining. I don't know how many of you know how long it takes Maiby to poop, but sometimes it is quite an ordeal. We waited and waited for her to finish. James snuck out the door before I tried to convince him to change a second one, so about 10 minutes after he left, I decided I had better do it. Surprise!! She was just really, really tooty!! It was probably the best AF joke I've ever had played on me. Until she actually DID poop about 30 minutes after that, and it was the worst diaper she's had in a while...