I just finished reading Dr. Laura's new book, In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms, and it is awesome!!  James and I made the decision before we got married that once we had kids, I would stay home, and we have been blessed to be able to do that.  But it's not always easy (as I'm sure you all know), and it's great to hear other people sing the praises of an often put-down way of life. 

I love being able to experience Maiby's life first-hand, and not have a day care worker, family member, or friend tell me the cute things she did that day.  On Saturday, we were hanging out at home and just enjoying spending time together.  James and I were on the couch talking and Maiby was playing with her toys.  One of her new favorite things is her 'list' - a small, 25-cent spiral notebook.  She is always drawing in it.  While we sat on the couch, Maiby came up and asked James if he wanted some soup (also a game she really enjoys, but that's another story), and when he said yes, she make a mark on her list.  She kept asking if he wanted something else and would make a mark each time he said yes.  Then she turned to me and started taking my order. 

If that food had been truly ordered at a restaurant, we would've ended up with some interesting combinations - soup, cornbread, chowder, sandwiches, cookies, and more (unfortunately, I was told that milkshakes were not an option).  It was so great, and without experiencing that first-hand, I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much as I do.

Read this book - if I could afford it, I would buy one for all the wonderful women in my life, but as it is, I got mine from the library, and the book is still terrific.



We use the word 'lucky' a lot in our house, and in a variety of ways.  Sometimes we use it in reaction to something that really is lucky, like getting a donut at the store; sometimes it's used sarcastically after something undesirable happens, like spilling dinner on your shirt.  The point is, we use it a lot.

Yesterday Maiby and I went shopping.  She is getting too tall for size 2 pants, and only had 2 pair of size 3, so we went looking for a couple more pairs.  We stopped at the mall first to check out prices and look for some deals, but the cheapest we found were still more than I wanted.  So off we went to Goodwill, where we bought 2 pair for $3 - what a deal!! 

We got back in the car and I told her we would go to one more store (another thrift store that I hadn't been to yet), and she asked if we were looking for more pants.  When I affirmed that we were, she said, "Lucky me, lucky me!" 

I hope she always has such a good attitude. 



Maiby and I spent most of last week at my mom's house. On Tuesday while Mom was at work, I made some rainbow cupcakes for her to take to her class for St. Patrick's Day. On Wednesday morning, Mom was frosting the cupcakes while Maiby and I ate breakfast. Maiby wouldn't eat much, so I was trying to coax her to have a little bit more.

Then my mom, the ever-loving grandma, asked if Maiby could have some "C-A-K-E," to which I immediately said no (it was WAY to early in the day) and Maiby prompty said, "Cake?!"

We were both amazed at her comprehension and it left my mom wondering if we would ever be able to spell words out while still trying to keep a secret from Maiby.


Anyone Up For the Bible?

So I just checked my email and then decided to look at the sites on my blog to see if there were posts to read by friends or others that I enjoy. I typed in my blog address CORRECTLY, and instead of That's Gross, Man coming up, I ended up viewing THIS site. I was quite confused and checked the address bar, which was correct. Talk about weird!!! So I refreshed the page and was directed to the correct page, with the familiar background and everything that I had been looking for.

Has this happened to anyone else?


Freebies for the Moscow Folks

We have about half of our stuff packed up ready for the move, and there are a few things that we are not wanting to take, so if anyone in Moscow is interested, feel free to come over/call/comment/email and take what you want. I put links to a few things so you have a better idea of what they are:

-- charcoal BBQ (it's black and about 3-4' tall)
-- 6' bookshelf - the walmart special my Freshman year of college

-- Rush Hour DVD

-- Hymns CD's 13-14 (has all hymns #292-341 words and music)

-- small red zippered purse

It's not much, but it's the stuff that's headed to goodwill that I thought someone might be interested in. We will have it for a little while, so if you need some time to think about it, no problem.


Wedding Bells In the Air

My little sister is getting married!
Congratulations on your engagement Stephanie!!


Making Rainbows & A Sad Day

We decided to make rainbows the other day. For each color, Maiby was given the choice of hearts or circles, and then chose where to put them - which is why her rainbow has a front and back.

And here's my rainbow, out of half circles:

As for the sad day mentioned in the title, I finished my sewing projects that I told James I NEEDED to get done, so I had to pack up my sewing machine until after we move. I'm a little disappointed, but it will be great to have that stuff out of the way in the living room!