Waiting for the Baby Weight

Here I am, over a year later and still wishing* that the baby weight was gone. Wishing is the key word, here. I have tried several times, and actually came really close right before James got home - I was down to my last 7 pounds and then had a bad reaction to some medication and gained the 8 I had just lost in one weekend...needless to say, I wasn't happy and then James came home and I had excuses to not work out.

Anyway, I have started working out once again, and since James doesn't have school right now, we are both working out together in the mornings at home, and then once school starts I will be headed to the Student Rec Center to take some wellness classes. I am excited, not exactly for the weight, but because already I have noticed an increase in energy and feeling better, and especially I am excited to have more pants to wear soon...



So there are so many craft ideas that I have found through blogs, and I am really excited to try them out. One of the ones that sound like a lot of fun is felt food - make a bunch of different food toys for Maiby to play with that are made of felt. There are great sites, and I wish I had made a big list when I was looking the other day, but I didn't. So I guess the next time we are back in Moscow and I go to the computer lab I will spend the first half hour or so looking for the patterns and then printing them all out (the free ones, of course).

And I found some great ideas for puppets. I would LOVE to have a ton of puppets - for each of the traditional stories that we tell kids (3 Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, 3 Pigs, etc), and I have been keeping my eyes open for some good ideas. I found some for sale at thelandofnod, but mainly I liked those because I think I can alter a pattern I have at home to make them look a little more like those than the ones on the pattern....but that project may be a ways off.

And of course I am excited to make vinyl signs and decor for holidays, but that definitely has to wait. We had some great ideas the last time that the ward had a craft day, but we had family coming into town and of course I was too spacy to realize that I could just but the stuff and do it on my own later...duh!!


Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We have been down in Lewiston since Wednesday - I was pretty bummed that we weren't able to go to Carlee and Jonathan's big day in Spokane due to the snow, but I'm sure they enjoyed the temple with Mikenzy.

We had a great holiday and have enjoyed spending time with James' parents here; I have especially enjoyed having some time to surf the internet while Maiby naps and Jeff & Kathy are at work. I have found some great creative blogs and can't wait to try some of the projects I've come across. I tried to add some of the links to the side of this blog, but I forgot to hit the save button before I closed the mini window and don't feel like tracking them down right now.

I hope that you are all enjoying your winters and holidays. Have a great New Years!

PS- we have un-privatized our blog (just in time for your invite, Jade - heehee)


Doing Well

We are still alive and well. James finished the semester pretty well...still waiting on final grades, but he is pretty sure that he got one B and the rest A's. I am very proud of him. He sure has been doing better since we got married; he often says that he now has the motivation to do well and to finish school. I don't mind being the motivation.

We are in Lewiston visiting his family for the weekend and then will be coming back next week for Christmas. We just got back from the restaurant Christmas party and it was pretty fun. We rushed Maiby into bath and bed (only 2 hours later than usual) and James is headed to the video store with his dad to pick out a show to watch. Tomorrow we are hosting a party for our friends who are still in Moscow - if that's you, please come and enjoy cookies between 630 and 830. It will be great!

Merry Christmas!