Mall Toys

Yesterday we were in Spokane and stopped to walk around the mall for a little while. The doors we went in were near the quarter rides. We didn't have enough quarters to turn one one, but she sat on almost all of them. But I only took pictures of a few.

Tow Truck Baby

Engineer Baby

Ice Cream Truck Baby

She's a good driver - she didn't hit anyone!


4th of July

Here is Princess Maiby at Michaels. She enjoyed dressing up for about 10 seconds.
I have often wondered how Maiby sleeps, and when I went in to get her so we could go to church this morning, she didn't wake up. So I snuck back out and returned with the camera. Apparently she prefers to smell the wall with her head in the bars. Silly girl.

Happy 4th of Julya. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday. Our day was pretty boring. But Maiby sure looked cute! I made her a festive outfit and had enough fabric to make a matching skirt for myself. I made the biggest hat for her that my pattern allowed, but it ended up too small. But that doesn't mean I didn't have her wear it!

Many of you know that we use Maiby for special photo ops - like being in the cupboard, fruit basket, and other such nonsense. Weel as we were walking out the door, mom suggested that we take a waterbottle picture.


Cooling Off

My mom bought a sprinkler so we could enjoy being outside in this hot weather. Maiby isn't sure if she likes it or not, but she did enjoy putting her feet in the water.