New Blog

I just want to let you know that I am done having so many Japanese comments posted on our blog and have switched to a new one.  I'm hoping that this will do it - the change is better explained on the new one.  So change the first part of the address to stanleypie and you will find us there.  If those instructions are too vague, contact me and I will let you know what it is.


Maiby's Stuff

I don't like the formatting of the pics - it's changed from what it once was, and now it's a lot more difficult for me to place them where I want them, and there's always too much blank space.  Darn it.  but on to the posting...

Here is Maiby 'making a monster' with her pj's.  She likes to make monsters several times a week, either before changing into pj's or when she has picked her clothes out before we come in to get her in the mornings.

The other night, she wanted to put on a 'show'.  She lined the kid chairs up and put some dolls on them, and then made sure she had her mommy & daddy's attention and then started drumming on a few different toys.  I didn't take a video, but the picture can give you the basic idea.  It wasn't very long each time - she is a lot more embarrassed about things when Daddy's around and would only drum one or two times.

And here she is as an elephant.