Crazy Accident

So I picked up our car today from the lot, and drove straight to the DMV for the temporary registration. Then I headed to my mom's house, since she had Maiby with her. I was at a stop light, a couple cars back. After we went through the intersection, I thought that I might want to switch lanes, but there were so many cars over there I decided to stay where I was at, at least for the time being. There was a big yellow truck next to me, behind a white car. I was behind a big truck. They were all speeding up, but I was staying closer to the speed limit. Then the yellow truck flipped on the turn signal to switch lanes and zoomed over. At the same time, the truck in front of me sped up. I couldn't tell whether or not he was just being rude or wasn't paying attention, or goofing off with someone they knew....anyway, he started tailgating like crazy -- I was shocked that they weren't in a wreck they were so close! Then, they kinda switched lanes crazy-like, zooming and getting faster. The yellow truck (now in front of the other) moved into the center turning lane near the upcoming light and the other truck tried to pass - by going into oncoming traffic! Luckily the oncoming light had just turned green and those people were all watching - because the yellow truck hit the other guy, who spun around in a crazy circle and then they both finally stopped. The big truck was perpendicular to the yellow one, blocking traffic. Instead of getting out and talking to each other, the guy in the first truck backed up and turned left and the girl in the yellow truck (who had been getting out) jumped back in and followed him. I had stopped to make sure they were okay, but since they all left I didn't want to just sit around. I called the police station once I got to my mom's house, but a report was not made, so they didn't need a statement or anything. But they did take my information down in case those involved make a complaint or file a report or whatever. It was crazy!!!


Subaru Here We Come!

Well, I did it. I got a new car. Not brand new, of course, but pretty nice. It is a blue 2001 Subaru Forester. I am pretty excited about it. I need to go visit James' parents in the next couple of days to get the license plates off the Honda in their driveway...that will be the 'big' test of the new car, since that's where we were headed when the Honda broke down for good. By the way, if anyone is looking for a car body and wants a car to work on -- think new engine -- I know where you can get a really good deal!


Tummy Time

So does anyone have any good ideas for a baby who despises tummy time? Anytime I put her on her belly to play a little, she cries and cries and cries. I try to give her toys and sit and play with her, but it's still a time of sobbing.


Guitar Hero

We bought Guitar Hero 3 the night before James left....what a great investment!! I love playing, and I must say that I have gotten the hang of it pretty quickly. I don't play everyday, but I have completed the Easy songs and am now working on the Medium, so now I am using 4 fingers with every song. I have yet to have to redo a song (I have needed to try twice on a couple guitar battles). It is one of the best games invented, and the music is great on #3. I have decided that it's more fun when I stand up to play - then I can do jumps, turn around, and generally have more movement.

My new rule for Guitar Hero is that I am not able to play unless I worked out earlier that day (I wait until Maiby is in bed before I play), and I am ready to lose the excess weight I am still carrying from the pregnancy. So this is my goal on how to do it.


Good News or Bad?

On Saturday my little sister, Maiby and I were driving down to Pullman to watch my brother race his first 1/2 marathon. Right before we reached Tensed, a warning light came on. I had Stephanie read in the owners manual about the light and we decided that we would probably be okay to keep driving until Tensed and then call someone. Well, Tensed is a pretty lame town, at least to break down in, because not only did we not have cell phone reception anywhere nearby, they apparently do not even have a pay phone, and no car repair place. So we tried to decide what to do - what could we do but keep going?!! No one knew where we were, my dad and brother didn't have reception at the race, so all we could do was leave messages for them, the baby was crying---so I decided to keep going to Potlatch, where, we were told, they had a repair shop.

Well, about 7 miles later, there was a big pop and a ton of smoke out the back, but we still didn't have reception and the road shoulder was not wide enough to stop on. So we plodded on, going almost 40 up the next hill and praying like crazy that we would make it. We were actually able to make it to Potlatch, but I didn't want to stop at the Grange Supply gas station because it looked like there was a garage not too much farther away. Needless to say, we didn't make it there...the car completely died - not even the emergency blinkers were working. Maiby was getting hungry, so I had Steph make a bottle and I went to find help.

We were very lucky to talk to a man at the Napa store who used to be a mechanic...what a blessing he was. He drove back to the car, checked it out, and told me what the problems were (the water pump was out, the alternator belt, as well as who-knows-how-permanent overheating damage). I called my brother-in-law who came and picked us up and had his dad tow the car to his brother's house so it was out of the way and easier to reach. My father-in-law called while we were waiting for this rescue, and he said he would be able to help us get the car to Lewiston, where we were heading for an hour or two after the race anyway.

Long story short, Maiby and I have had an unexpected stay in Lewiston with our family here. She was able to get some clothes from her cousin, and I am just washing mine a lot. The car is in the shop, to see how much it will cost and the extent of the damage.

I was able to talk to James about this problem yesterday, thank goodness. We have decided that a new car is the order of the day. So now the "only" decision I have to make is whether or not to repair the car or just try to sell it with all the problems it has now. And, what car to buy. That decision is the one that will be the most difficult, because I have never before looked at cars or bought one. Luckily my dad is available and willing to help me make this decision.

So, is it good news or bad? We will be getting a new car out of the deal, so I suppose it can't be all bad. And, who knows? It may be easier for me to decide on the car, since I don't have to worry James liking it or not until he comes home...


What is the matter with people?!

Can I just say that I am thoroughly annoyed and angry at the reaction of people to James leaving?!! It's not everyone -- it the ones who have known James for a really long time. Anytime someone in Lewiston hears that he is being deployed, they are shocked and think he is crazy. This was a decision that was made by both of us....he didn't get called up, he volunteered to go, which apparently makes his leaving even worse!! "How can he leave you and the baby?" "I can't believe this! What does his wife say?" (This one is aimed at his parents) Let me tell you the reaction we get in Coeur d'Alene/Spokane: "Thank you", "We'll put him on our church prayer roll"(from a complete stranger, accompanied by a hug, to MY mom), "Good luck". Are such reactions alien to the rest of the world? I cannot believe that no one around here can even PRETEND to be supportive of the decision we have made.