Bringing out the big guns

My daughter is a hunter. Well, at least she has a little practice on the shooting range.

Yesterday we went down to Lewiston, had lunch/breakfast at the (family) restaurant, walked around the fair a little, and then went back to James' parents' house. Maiby took a nap, I sat down with Grandma to relax, and James and Grandpa ran some errands. Then when Maiby woke up, they took her shooting so we didn't have to worry about taking her to the women's broadcast.

And James helped her fire a .22 - twice. That's right, my little darling girl has shot a gun at the ripe old age of 2 (did I mention she's only been 2 for 2 1/2 weeks?). But she had fun. And she was wearing noise guards on her ears, so her hearing is still great.

But we need to work on telling the truth - when I got back last night from the broadcast, I asked her if she shot the gun and she said no - twice. At least she wasn't being purposefully dishonest.

I wish we had a picture, but we left the camera in Moscow yesterday, so we'll all just have to imagine it.


Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Okay, it wasn't chicken, and it wasn't dinner, but I got the call tonight - I won a cupcake from the Cupcake Company. I had never heard of them before Lacey posted about the giveaway (thanks, Lacey!!), and then Heidi called and I won! It was delicious - Banana Carmel flavor. I got home, took a picture to show you all, and then James and I split it right down the middle. Woohoo! Thanks, Heidi!

You can check out her cupcakes here.

Exciting Nights Ahead

Well, the time has come, once again, to let everyone know how very much we like tv at our house. I know I have mentioned it at least once on here before, but tonight starts the BEST week of tv since last spring, with all the season finales...that's right - it's season premiere week. So turn off the phones and don't try the doorbell - just kidding - you're welcome to come join us if you want, just don't wake the sleeping girl upstairs when you do.

It all starts tonight, with the 2 hour premiere of everyone's favorite doctor - House. But this is not just any cranky night at the hospital, oh no - it's the first day of his stay at the loony bin.

And tomorrow it's NCIS and the start of NCIS: Los Angeles; if you follow this show, the last I saw is that Ziva is left behind in Israel. And tomorrow is also the first episode of the Good Wife, but it's at ten, so we will be in bed. But if you watch it, let me know how it is.

Wednesday is Criminal Minds - is the boss dead? The highway killer was in his house and we heard a gun shot...is everything about to change?!

Thursday is one of my all-time favorites, the original CSI, and if I saw the face correctly on the one preview I have seen, Sarah is back, and the whole office gets shot up everywhere. Following that is the Mentalist, which has been moved from it's convenient night of Tuesday to a time that is inconvenient for those of us who love it and have an early bedtime...so we will be watching that online (hopefully, since DVR is not in our budget).

Writing this out really makes us seem pretty sad, but it is what it is. There is only so much you can do when you have a child asleep in bed and all your favorites are available. And I won't get in to Friday or the weekend, because generally speaking, there aren't superb shows that we watch consistently - it's just a 4-day obsession with us.

So if you're interested, come on over, but if not, expect the ringers to be off on the phones.


It's All Over - Now What?

So our week of birthday's is over, and so now I am wondering what to do...we had a great time at Maiby's birthday parties (one at my mom's, one at our house - not planned that way, but that's another story). And then James and I both had our birthdays, and they were nice, quiet days. But the question is what to do with the money I got. Our parents are so nice, and now we each have a small amount of cash to spend on ourselves, but the dilemma I have is that I have NO IDEA what to spend it on. Maiby and I spent some time at the mall, Walmart, and Hastings this week and I thought of the possibilities: shoes, new book, movie, clothing, game, next installment of Gilmore Girls, among others. But I can't make up my mind. So the reality is that I will probably hold on to it for a month or two and then finally make up my mind - that's how it's gone in the past. Any suggestions?


Cheapies Galore

Do you have a Rosauers? Is it still Thursday before 7 (I think) where you live? Head on over for some great cereal - at 1.69 a box!!! That's right, it's the big cereal sale today, and I just got back with 3 bags of cereal - 17 boxes for under $30. Can't beat that. My receipt says I 'saved' 2.30/box, which I say depends on where you normally shop, but for a few hours today, you just can't beat it...and I'm not doing this to benefit Rosauer's in any way - I usually have a difficult time remembering when the sale is.


Back to How it Was

Well, our poor little sleepy head has had a relapse, and it's going much better for everyone. That's right, Maiby is back in the crib. We will try for the big girl bed again in a month or two. After her waking up one night and refusing to go back to sleep for almost an hour, I finally put her in the crib, and she fell asleep soon afterwards. That was 3 or 4 nights ago, and our nights have become peaceful once again, with everyone sleeping as long as they should and Maiby waiting until 8 to get up. And her naps are back to at least 2 hours. I don't know about your kids, but mine has a difficult time being happy if she doesn't get at least 12 hours sleep at night and a 2 hour nap. I love it, since it makes for a happy girl (and happy mom by extention), as well as predictable time to get projects done that I don't want her involved in.


Wishes for Chaffee

Here's to the birthday boy:
Hope your day is superb.


Big Girl Bed

Maiby has used her big girl bed for 2 nights now, and I'm wondering if we should continue...she just wakes up SO EARLY and then is whiny all day long. If she is out of bed again at 730 this morning, she will be getting 2 naps today. She needs more sleep than she has been getting, and since she went to bed late last night, there is no way we will be able to function well this morning without her sleeping until after 8.

We thought it was so great yesterday, even though she got up a little early, because she doesn't know how to open her bedroom door, so even though she could get out of bed, she would still be stuck in her room until I got her out. Well, that was true for just that one night; yesterday I was catching up on some sleep, since I didn't get to sleep much on vacation and got to bed almost 2 hours late the night I came back and up early so I could do laundry and have clothes to wear...so I was taking a nap on the couch yesterday afternoon when Maiby was napping, and then I heard "MOM!" So I bolted awake and told her to stay put. Where was my darling girl? At the top of the stairs; apparently, the door is no longer a problem for her. So last night we put the baby gate up right outside her door, just in case she decides to get up in the night, so she doesn't go down the stairs in the dark.

Hopefully we can stick with this...she really likes being out of the crib.