Running, Running All Around

Poor little Maiby - she has caught the bug and her diapers are running all over the place. It is SO GROSS!!! And we are about to make our next trip to the laundry room to wash everything a 2nd time; I'm hoping the OxiClean does it's job, as well as the Shout, so we no longer have brown blankets and onesies...we went in to ReadyCare today and I guess it's going around, along with a little projectile vomiting, so beware. No fever, though, so that's great.

I will be honest - we have been really lucky with Maiby and this is basically the 1st time we have had to deal with diarrhea. And if I had my way, it would be the last FOREVER. Poor girl didn't even eat her dinner, or breakfast. Hopefully she starts feeling better soon and enjoys her BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apples, toast) for the next couple of days.

So I suppose we will watch a movie or two tomorrow.


'Tis the Season

Does anyone else feel a 'money bug' at this time of year? There are so many big purchases for students right now - tuition, books, clothes, supplies, and a variety of others, depending on your circumstances. And we are feeling it. We sat down earlier this week and went through our budget of how to spend the money coming in and going on this semester - if our previous decisions are working out and what we need to save to meet our goals. But we are sure feeling the spending bug. There is apparently no problem in our heads with the economy; this semester is the most we have spent on books - ever! Even my graduate books were not as much money as we just forked out for James.

All I can say is I hope this is a temporary bug and we can get back to feeling normal and that our budget is not too effected by this sickness. (And I also hope you don't catch it, too!) Wash your hands, I guess, and keep on smiling as you swipe your card again and again for the major school purchases.

Going Big

Yesterday James had the day off, so we went down to Lewiston in the hopes of spending some time on the water. We were not disappointed, and Grandma even volunteered to watch Maiby so we didn't need to take her on the boat and worry about the sun scorching her. It was great. I went on the slightly-flat tube - it has been determined there IS a hole somewhere, so we felt every bump and skimmed the surface on one side while dipping down on the other. But luckily, the first time around when we almost tipped, Josh fell off and the tube corrected itself. But the 2nd time, we were not so lucky. I am the only one that got injured all day, but it's not too bad. I have a bruise on my rear from Josh's foot, and a scrape down my nose, which we are blaming on Josh, but in reality I'm pretty sure it was me. We had a great time, but after the crash I was done, so I got back in the boat and just enjoyed riding around the rest of the time. James got up on one ski for a while; it was a great day, and a nice time before he starts school next week.


Wanted: Your Leftovers

No, no - I am not begging for food. But I am wondering if anyone in my neighborhood has a fabric scrap or two they would be willing to give up. I need 8 pieces that are approximately 6x12 inches. I am working on a b-day present for Maiby and have gone through all of my fabrics, but didn't quite have enough. So if you have some you are wanting to ditch, throw them my way. We could even make a trade - but you could have a larger piece of a leftover of mine, since there's not a whole lot one can do with a couple 12x6 pieces.


A Little Idiosyncrasy

So over the past few weeks, I have become aware of a small oddity that I do without even realizing it or meaning to, but now that I know it happens, I have realized it is often.

Every time I go upstairs (which is at least 20 times a day), I don't put my whole foot down. I tip-toe up the stairs; even when I am carrying Maiby. It is not something that I mean to do; for some reason it is natural. The only times I don't (unless I notice and make a conscious effort to put my heel down) is if I am carrying something really heavy or burdensome, like a full laundry basket.



What's wrong with this picture?

On Monday, I opened a new box of cereal, and as I was pouring, I noticed something was wrong with it. Can you tell?
No red or purple berries!! And it is not part of a contest, darn it - but at least it was delicious.


Weekend of firsts continued...

Maiby had her very first camping trip this weekend, too! She loved it, of course - what little kid doesn't like the chance to play in the dirt all day long and not get in trouble for repeatedly hitting trees with sticks or banging the top of the water cooler? Not mine, that's for sure.

Here's James using our tent for the 1st time - it was a wedding present, I'll admit, but at least it has been used before our 3rd anniversary that's coming up soon...

Maiby really enjoyed having fun with Uncle Jordan - they pounded on the top of the water coolers together...
...and played with a squirt gun for at least an hour! He would squirt her, and squirt it into her mouth, and when it was empty 2 minutes later, they'd head over to fill it up. Again and again. And he had fun, too!

We were camping at Dworshak Reservoir, which was really fun. James' parents brought their boat, so we went out, of course. And I went out on the tube, which is the first time in about 10 years, and I liked it a lot. It was the type that you sit up on, and can have 3 people together, which I liked a lot better than the kind that you lay on your belly and kill your arms by the time you are done.

And the last first happened yesterday, which technically isn't the weekend, but since we were camping on Monday, then Tuesday is pretty much still the weekend, right? James and Maiby built a fort!! Outside view:

And inside: