Nothing But a Thing

I don't know what has started this phenomena, but in the past two weeks I have been missing my rings when I get out of bed. Luckily both rings were in the covers and easily found (the second time really made me nervous because we were out of town at James' grandpa's house). I don't know WHAT it is the I've been dreaming about, but apparently it's something interesting; I wish I knew. As for the title, it's a tribute to Gary Allen (one of my favorite's) and his song about his ex's ring.


Birthday and Other Stuff

Well I am FINALLY provided with the time to come to the computer lab and post something on here. Apparently the weekly posting that I had been anticipating does not work, at least when there are pictures that I want to add...

We all had our birthday's in September. It was a pretty fun month. And I entered a cake in the Latah Co fair and won the Silver Award (2nd place) and a blue ribbon. I always love the fair, and my favorite thing about the Latah fair (even though it is tiny) is that it is free and still has all the things that you want at a fair - food, music, animals, and all the entries. I think that one of the biggest entry categories was the lego section - they had two big display racks full of kids' creations.

Here is my cake that I entered for the fair theme "Fun for the Whole Herd". And then Maiby checking out a goose.

I made Maiby's birthday cake. She had a fairy party, and I made a fairy house - if you can see the border is a bunch of leaves, since fairy houses are in trees...I did most of it the night before the party and had to give up because I was so upset with how it turned out. But after getting a good night's sleep and going back to it, I was pleased with the results.

Maiby's cousin, Julia, was there and we put the extra fairy wings on her back (she's in purple and Maiby's in blue). They really enjoyed playing on the bike trailer box.

And since Maiby is new at opening presents, we asked Julia and our neighbor Carson to come help her figure out how it's done. They of course were great helpers and we appreciated all they did. After a while, Maiby kinda got the hang of it.

We love the bike trailer - this is Maiby's first experience in it. It has been so nice to use, even though so far it's only been used a stroller, since James' bike that we are going to attach it to is out of commission until we fix the tire.

Other than that, things have been pretty normal. James is doing very well in school and Maiby is growing and happy and healthy. We are all doing well and are looking forward to Halloween. I have been working on our costumes...I am not sure if I can say that James is really looking forward to Halloween, but he agreed to the costumes before I bought the fabric, so now it's too late to complain about it!