She's Finally Getting Mobile!

Well, at long last Maiby is choosing to spend a little time on her tummy, and she has also realized she can move around better that way.

Here is a messy picture of Maiby eating; usually she is super clean, but she had a little food on her hand and then rubbed her face and it was the messiest she's been. Which makes me really lucky!


Good News No Longer a Secret

So we have decided that we will no longer keep our good news a secret - James is coming home! He will return in the middle of August and we will be moving back down to Moscow. He is already registered for classes and we are looking forward to being all together again. He received his extention papers in April and we decided that he shouldn't sign them, so he will only be gone for the initial deployment of 150-something days. His captain there also told him it was a good idea, and we feel really good about it.