Sweet Girl

Would you believe that my daughter has cleaned up my mess the past two days, WITHOUT BEING ASKED??! I can't even believe it. She is so helpful around the house. Wednesday & Thursday mornings I was reading on the couch before Maiby woke up, and then I went to get her. While I was making breakfast, she disappeared, and I found her in the hall, trying to put my blanket back in the storage box! And yesterday I told her to grab her shoes so we could leave, so she moved them and placed Daddy's where hers were, so they were out of the way. So, so sweet!

I also couldn't believe it when we went out to the playground today - she can climb the ladder alone!! Not steps with a railing, a 6-step ladder! And she wasn't afraid. She did it perfectly 4 times, and had a little trouble the last time, but didn't let go when she slipped. Amazing!