Bananas....and more

Friday afternoon we went to lunch at the Institute. It's homemade soup and rolls for $1.75 and a speaker. We try to go every week because the soup is delicious. Maiby doesn't always like the soup, so I try to bring something that she will eat. But this last week was really good so she ate it up; the banana I had put in the diaper bag stayed there. That is, until I was cooking dinner. James was talking on the phone in the other room and I was in the kitchen, so Maiby was entertaining herself in the living room. I peeked my head in to check on her and she was holding the banana from the diaper bag. I didn't worry about it because a banana is pretty harmless; I checked on her again when the house was really quiet a few minutes later and what did I find?? A happy baby eating a banana - luckily she took the peel off first!! I laughed and let her finish the rest of it.

On another note... Thanks, SunDee for your observations about the government paying moms. You brought up some points that I had not considered; I was curious about the rules of subsidizing child care, so I looked at a couple sites and (at least in the state of PA) that there are very specific rules that parents must follow in order to receive subsidized child care. And I think that if they made those same rules for parents that were at home, it would take a lot of money to ensure that those regulations were being met. I appreciate all your observations and the new ideas you brought up that I had not thought of, but I still maintain my position as 'no'.


Well I remembered the camera today when I came to the computer lab and set aside a few minutes for a little blogging....lucky readers! I made pirate costumes for Halloween - I was pretty pleased with how they turned out, although I think that Maiby's was GREAT, if I do say so myself. She wasn't the biggest fan of the hat or bandana, so they were basically picture props. We trick-or-treated at the ward party and then went to Papa Smurf's for free mini pizzas on Halloween. It was pretty fun. I also made a stroller cover that was Maiby's 'ship', but forgot to take a picture of her in it, so I haven't put all the Halloween things away yet until I do. I think the cover was my favorite thing, although being able to strap Maiby in for the trick-or-treating was really really nice. She wasn't so sure about it at first and just gave people funny looks when they tried to give her the treats, but after a while she would hold one in each hand.

On Sunday we had dinner in Lewiston at James' parents house; when Grandma was cooking, Maiby knew it was almost time for her to eat, so she got in the chair even though it wasn't anywhere near the food. She is pretty silly.

One final thing I wanted to say - please tell me if you agree or disagree with my opinion. I was looking at a magazine website the other day for something and they had a quick poll. It was asking whether or not stay-at-home parents should receive a monthly check from the government to cover the costs associated with child care. I voted NO, because that is CRAZY!!!! People should not be paid to spend time with their own children!!! It is not babysitting when the kid is yours, and being a stay-at-home parent is not something that is forced upon you; I realize that it is a financial hardship and especially difficult because there is generally only one income, but that does not mean that other people's tax money should be given to you for spending time with your kids!